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Rental Scales


 All rental scales are calibrated with certified, traceable calibration weights.

 Documentation of calibration is provided at the time of setup.



• Rogan will deliver your rental scales to your jobsite.

• Rogan will setup the rental scales and provide on-site training.

Once your job is finished, we will remove the equipment promptly allowing you to return your operation to normal as soon as possible.



• As a rental customer you are PRIORITY ONE.

• In the unlikely event of a scale failure, our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• We can provide personnel for in-plant standby, 24 hours a day.



• We’re available to assist you and answer your questions when you need it.

• Once we determine the scales needed simply tell us the time period you’ll need them.

• We’ll have the rental scales setup and ready on the exact day you specify.

• And when your job is completed, the scales will be packaged and promptly removed from your jobsite.

To assure availability please plan to reserve your rental scales from Rogan in advance.