With a proven reputation for turning investment into profit, Rogan Scale’s agriculture products make a measurable difference in farming and agricultural applications. Some of our most durable products are tailored made to meet the specific needs of the farming and agriculture industry. Rogan Scale’s livestock and agriculture solutions help farmers and ranchers improve their processes while maximizing their agriculture investment with durable, dependable and strong weighing equipment that hold up to their return-on-investment promise.


Rogan Scale provides a wide range of products engineered for the specific demands of the aviation and air freight industry. Busy airports, baggage terminals, and airport freight operations depend on the quality and accuracy of Rogan Scale’s weighing products. Measurement plays an important role in the aviation industry, from baggage weights at the gate to material handling in bustling cargo terminals. Rogan Scale helps improve air travel and shipping processes with accurate and long-lasting aviation weighing solutions.

Bulk Construction

Rogan Scale offers the bulk construction industry heavy-duty weighing equipment to stand up to the uncompromising conditions of material processing. With solutions for construction material transfer stations, material-processing facilities, construction and quarry sites, Rogan Scale provides the robust scales for weighing the toughest materials on Earth. In an unyielding industry that specializes in tough work, Rogan Scale’s dependable, durable scale solutions are right at home with bulk construction.


From organic alcohols and petrochemicals to industrial acids, catalysts, compounds, paints and other inorganic substances, the chemical processing industry is composed of both consumer and industrial products. To optimize chemical manufacturing and maximize chemical material handling efficiency, Rogan Scale offers heavy-duty weighing solutions for hostile materials and hazardous environments. In chemical processing and handling, using time-tested and systematically-designed weighing equipment from Rogan Scale creates a beautiful reaction.

Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing is considered one of the most dangerous occupations, where normal working conditions include storms, fog, wind and tumultuous waters. Rogan Scale delivers robust weighing equipment to make the commercial fishing weighing process fast, easy and more profitable. With multiple transactions occurring between vessels and production facilities, accuracy is key. From the ocean to the processing facility and on to a local market or store, Rogan Scale has a product suited for the durable yet precise needs of the commercial fishing industry.


The energy industry means tough work that needs scale equipment to stand up to the challenges of long-use, demanding materials and harsh conditions with uncompromising accuracy. From fracking and coal mining to natural gas, and renewable energy, Rogan Scale has developed a series of products built tough for the heavy-duty, precise requirements of these operations. For the best heavy-duty, rugged scale equipment and sophisticated measurement and process control products, the energy industry relies on Rogan Scale.

Food Processing

Rogan Scale offers a comprehensive selection of weighing equipment for food production applications that bring efficiency and accuracy to the table. When dependable accuracy, durable longevity, and strict sanitary and washdown compliance are essential to food weighing operations, the industry relies on Rogan Scale products. With the goal to help manufacturers enhance operations, meet quality checks and optimize the bottom line, Rogan Scale food processing solutions are an essential ingredient to successful food production enterprises.


Rogan Scale’s selection of durable weighing solutions help optimize vehicle loading, which ensures maximum legal payloads and reduces the amount of unneeded vehicle operation and emissions from under-loaded trucks. An optimal bottom line is essential in all industries, including forestry. To help eliminate inefficient, under-loaded timber trucks, Rogan Scale provides robust scales and weighing systems that timber haulers and transfer stations can rely on to ensure on-road safety and maximum legal payloads.

Grocery & Food Service

Rogan Scale Retail Solutions helps provides the very best in service, selection and speed to the retail industry. With a comprehensive line of reliable and durable scales, Rogan Scale offers the retail industry—from the front counter to the back room—the highest quality solutions and exceptional customer service. Today’s busy market demands the best equipment for point-of-purchase weighing and labeling. Make sure you have the weighing solutions that meet these specific demands to get the job done.


Rogan Scale knows how important dependable weights and measurements are in healthcare, fitness and medical settings. From accurate medical dosing, research and laboratory work to patient intake and home healthcare, Rogan Scale provides weighing equipment to serve the industry’s need for reliable and accurate measurement. For long lasting weighing solutions health care center and hospitals can trust, health professionals choose Rogan Scale Weighing Systems for a broad selection of the highest-quality scales with incredible performance and value.

Logistics & Transportation

Logistic departments are busy, material-handling environments, and they require equipment and tools that simplify processes and enhance efficiency. From stock inventory and outgoing package weights to LTL material handling and pallet dimensions, Rogan Scale offers comprehensive logistic solutions that not only deter fees and compliance issues, but optimize shipping and warehouse operations to save time and money. Rogan Scale offers the highest-quality and most cutting-edge weight-related and measurement tools for the logistics industry.


Manufacturing businesses will benefit from Rogan Scale’s vast selection of high-quality products. Equipment is available in a broad range of capacities to fit many weighing needs and the cutting-edge technology can be put to work for a variety of manufacturing processes. Rogan Scale has been a leader in creating manufacturing weighing solutions for challenging applications since 1946. As a manufacturing business itself, Rogan Scale understands the demands for high-quality products to speed up processes and increase efficiencies.


In pharmaceutical settings, accurate weighment is critical. From precision balances to scales designed for large-scale material handling, Rogan Scale offers a broad selection of weighing products ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. Rogan Scale provides high-quality measurement solutions ideal for sanitary and precision requirements in the pharmaceutical industry that benefits all areas from laboratory research and development to product production plants. Choose the weighing systems that can handle the pharmaceutical demand.

Scrap / Recycling

When it comes to the scrap and recycling industries, strength, durability and accurate performance are key qualities to ensure long-lasting weighing equipment in demanding environments. Rogan Scale offers a broad selection of heavy-duty products ideal for material handling and scrap/recycling processing applications. From massive onsite scrap metal transfer stations to the ticket that prints the load readout, strength, durability and accurate performance are the strongest factors in scrap and recycling equipment, and they’re qualities Rogan Scale stands by.

Washdown Products

Rogan Scale Weighing Systems offers a wide range of weighing and measurement equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands and unique cleaning needs of washdown environments. Rogan Scale provides scales and balances for applications requiring sanitary conditions, including food and chemical processing facilities, laboratories and medical environments. Our expert staff can assist in selecting the best equipment for your needs, whether your application includes NTEP approvals, high-temperature environments, corrosive resistance or washdown applications.

Waster / Reuses

The waste industry demands heavy-duty scale equipment built to survive long periods of service and harsh environments. Rogan Scale has developed several heavy-duty weighing products ideal for the waste industry including weighing solutions for trucks and truck operators. In waste management and recycling facilities, weight plays an important role from waste inventory tracking and maintenance, to waste disposal and sustainable initiatives. Rogan Scale’s weighing and process-control equipment help waste-industry businesses improve overall efficiency.

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